Tissue Paper Spring Blossoms

Spring is almost here! One of the things I love about spring are the flowers. There is nothing quite so amazing to me than driving past an orchard of cherry trees in bloom, or seeing the Forsythia in my yard covered in cheery yellow blossoms. Bringing flowers indoors is a great way to bring a fresh new look to your decor, but unfortunately fresh cut spring branches don't keep for long. Plus, they tend to drop petals all over... For a cute alternative, try this easy to make version using scraps of tissue paper and twigs.
What you'll need:
Tissue paper (crepe paper streamers work great too!)
Glue (I used regular school glue)

Using the scissors, cut the tissue paper into small squares (circles work great too!). Don't make them all the same size. It will look more natural if they gradually get smaller towards the top of the branch. Pinch the center of the tissue paper square and scrunch the edges together to form a gathered flower-like shape.

With a dab of glue at the base of each flower, attach them to the twig. Gradually decrease the size of the flower as you work your way to the top.
After the glue is dry and the flowers are secure, gently fluff the bottom flowers so they are opened up a little. Leave a few of the smallest flowers at the top scrunched closed to give the effect of buds that are not fully opened yet.
I got my twigs from my backyard, but you can commonly find twigs and branches at craft stores or florist shops. Tissue paper and crepe paper are easy to find in most stores with gift wrap or party supplies. Some of the tissue paper I used was left over from a party so it was a little crinkled, but it doesn't make any difference for this project. You'll be crinkling it anyway!
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