Cayuga Ducks

 Introducing the newest additions to our home: cute fluffy ducklings!

Cayuga ducks get their name from Cayuga Lake in New York state where they were first made popular. They are listed as threatened by the American Livestock Conservancy and considered a sustainable heritage duck breed. Adult ducks are a beautiful black with an iridescent green sheen to their feathers.

We are excited about them because of the qualities that make them an excellent backyard duck. They are known as very active foragers that love to eat snails, slugs, and other insects (My garden is going to love that!). They are known for their calm and docile temperament and can become quite tame if consistently handled. They are characteristically much quieter than some of the other duck breeds, such as the Pekin. They are one of the hardiest domestic ducks and can tolerate harsh winter conditions. And they also lay a decent amount of eggs, which are black and progressively get lighter through the season until they are white. Cool!

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